Well, we were not expecting that?

As we all know 2020 has been a truly awful time for everyone, and our industry in particular has been hit very hard.

Luckily, we are a tight band and good friends, so we managed to keep the show going and it was SO great to get back out on the road again thisyear with shows at Marvellous Festival, Stafford Gatehouse, Customs House South Shields, and Worcester Swan so far, which have all been fabulous.

We have added some cracking little ‘bangers’ to the set too for when you come and see us next, and we have been beavering away booking shows into 2022/23 and even 24! Such is the effect of the backlog of 18 months of cancelled theatre productions.

We have had a few additions to the band to in personnel and also production, firstly our wonderful Cellist Vicky became a MUMMY for the first time with beautiful baby MAXIMUS, so congrats to her and hubby Ste.

To stand in for Vicky, we have a cracking replacement in the wonderful Selena who slotted right into the show and has loved it ever since.

We also have a new lighting, video and LASER tech joined us – the cool dude JOSH,

Yes, to add to our already stunning stageshow we now have a jaw-dropping LASER show so keep your eyes peeled for those moments, we are sure you know when to expect them.

Thanks to everyone for staying with us, we cannot wait to get back to full shows all year round, we will be announcing a load of dates on our page very soon,